FIFA World Cup 2018 Team: how the 32 qualifiers for Russia

All 32 teams of fifa world cup
All 32 teams of fifa world cup

Group A

1) Russia

Last year, former goalkeeper Stanislav Cherechisov was named to replace Hal Leonid Slutski after a disappointing start in the group stage of Euro 2016. The host group has mid-term access. End, but in the same pose in the draw behind the squad with a few stars Fedor Smolov, Krasnodar, scored twice in his return against Spain on Tuesday and midfielder Alexander Golovin very promising. It seems to escape the role of the groups is to limit their ambitions, although the function of the house can provide an essential boost if Chirhov can inspire positive results from the beginning.

2)Saudi Arabia

Portugal’s 3-0 defeat last week was a useful move, with Edgardo Bauza leaving Russia for six months. The former Argentinian manager was appointed in September to replace the Dutchman Bert van Marwijk and inherited the killer team far from home for several years. The match of 1-0 against Bulgaria on Monday, further evidence of this, should greatly improve in the footsteps of the 1994 team that reached the round of 32 with Jorge Solari.

3) Egypt

After all the celebrations last month, the match ended 1-1 with Ghana in Kumasi on Sunday after a long trip to Hector Cooper. Argentina’s director of the mission is preparing for the World Cup for the first time since 1990, knowing that the Pharaohs have not Evzoa at home since their victory over Burkina Faso on penalties in the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations in February. Make sure the record is beyond the start of the tournament in June, the memory will be a priority if the Egyptian wants to make Cooper to sneak for the first time.

4) Uruguay

But they did not beat Austria 2-1 keeping in mind what was in the Scar Tabarez after finishing in the standings with second place in South America every day, although the draw 0- 0 against Poland last week The field of equipment has been weak recently. With Luis Suarez and Cavendi Anderson in the lead, the Uruguayan party will be the strongest if it is not able to create enough jobs and there are signs that the new generation of young players, Rodrigo Bntankur Juventus, is ready to challenge. His presence in the pit means that there can not be a direct meeting with England, but Celeste is still a candidate for at least 16 seats.

Group B

1) Portugal

European Champion gave a qualified meal until the last part, has generally gone unnoticed since a surprise in Paris last year. But with Fernando Santos, Portugal should be considered a real threat for the whole team, given the clinical performance, albeit a bit boring, by winning his first senior championship. Tied 1-1 with the US UU experimental team. On Tuesday after a routine victory over Saudi Arabia without Cristiano Ronaldo, and of course, that will be necessary to simulate the chances in 2008 and 2010 of consecutive wins for Spain.

2) Spain

With a 3-3 draw in St. Petersburg, next year showed that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for Jolijn Opetejoa, despite the fact that the former coach of a young man of 21 years should be his real candidate after crook’s defense of his crown at the last moment. A new generation of players began to form many well-known young bands – including the meaning of Real Madrid player Marco Asensio – recorded more established names, a good omen for Roja’s opportunities. Perhaps the only question mark in the back, where he will be thrown Sergio Ramos and Gerard Piqué old killer in their Brazil experiences.

3) Morocco

In the match for the World Cup for the first time since 1998, Hervey Renard’s team had a great team. The victory over Ivory Coast two goals against zero in Abidjan as ambassador to the defensive organization of the French coach, who beat international football, but he had trouble repeating at the club level. Renard received a phone call from King Mohammed VI of Morocco after the match to congratulate him on his achievements, but the black Atlas will not be satisfied with collecting the numbers in Russia, with talented players in all positions.

4) Iran

A friendly victory over Panama and Venezuela this week should encourage Iran to have a real impact next summer. Comfortable qualification with former Manchester United manager Carlos Queiroz has shown a series of solid defenses, especially on the road, he may depend on his chances of reaching the round of 16 on his ability to score sufficient stage goals. The friendly match against Morocco in January could give more answers after Queiroz saw his team attract Russia in October.

Group C

1) France

With countless top players, Didier Deschamps faces a headache by choosing a group of 23 men. So imagine the difficulty of content with 11. Given the leadership of the leaders to choose Oliver Jiro in the important matches, Alexander Lakazit strengthened the task with two goals against Germany on Tuesday in a high-quality friendly game everywhere. The French Football Federation extended the campaign to allow the man who led his country to win in 1998 at home and Deschamps could expect his team to be there or close to him in Russia.

2) Australia

Ecstasy cannot continue to reach the fourth consecutive final after winning the matches against Honduras long if Australia returns to write in Russia. The qualifying campaign that began in June 2015 against Kyrgyzstan extended to four more matches after Saudi Arabia lost in the second automatic qualifying, and it is clear that manager Angha Bostikoglu has a lot of problems. In particular, finding a replacement for veteran Tim Cahill will be a high priority from now until the opening match in Russia.

3) Peru

Ricardo Garica became the last Russian player to qualify for a 2-0 win against New Zealand on Wednesday night. After finishing fifth in South America, where he won the center of the match thanks to David Ospina’s goal in the last 13 minutes of the last lap, Chile has gained enough talent to compete. Everything will depend on whether Garcia Argentina can inspire his players to do a lot of things, as was the case in Cuba two years ago when Peru finished third. The former club of Bayern Munich and Hamburg Paolo Greero remains 33rd.

4) Denmark

Christian Erickson has made the necessary to offer Denmark and Ireland and the ninth, tenth and eleventh wins in the playoffs, and Tottenham will be interesting for the balance of any team. Their teammates, Bion Sesto Celta Vigo, Chelsea Chelsea and Andreas Christensen, could help Omar Heredi lead the team in the group stage while Denmark tries to simulate the appearance of the quarterfinals in France. 98. The thrust of a 5-1 win in Dublin will give fans hope that the knockout stage is a real possibility.

Group D

1) Argentina

After Lionel Messi’s victory over Ecuador, the last thing you need is more dramatic in Argentina, but the 4-2 loss to Nigeria was a reference to George Samboli’s deep problems. They lost 2-0 in the first half, stood abbreviation Kilish Ahanacho for Nigeria and finished in the team that won the group stage in 2014 after Chile’s leadership to win the Copa America. Sampauli knows what the football championship is and will realize that it is time to arrange his home.

2) Iceland

Do not read much about Iceland’s latest results. It was a 1-1 draw with Qatar on Tuesday is the same team that passed Croatia, Ukraine and Turkey in qualifying and is equipped with decisive experience in major tournaments thanks to their participation in the quarterfinals. final of the Aorukub. 2016. Manager Hemer Halgrimsson, also of this historic achievement, remains despite the absence of Lars Lagerback. He expected Iceland to have an excellent opportunity to return to his group, regardless of his face.

3) Croatia

It ensures a clinical performance in the first stage of the recovery of Greece to get Croatia next year after the unlimited qualifying campaign, which led them to finish behind Iceland’s first hot group. No team with Luca Modric and Ivan Rakitik should be. Zlatko Dilik, chosen after the secession of Ante Kacic in October, seems to have the desired effect. It is expected to get the former coach for less than a 21-year-old coach on an open-ended contract to lead the team in the World Cup final, but he must find a way to rejuvenate the old team.

4) Nigeria

He completed his training in Algeria before qualifying fantastic return with two goals to beat Argentina 4-2 in the host city of Krasnodar in 2018 on Tuesday. Turned out to be very positive German coach Gernot Rohr continues to help the adult Eagles forget their inability to qualify for the final versions of the African Cup of Nations. After the successful transition to a complex group proved that this team is able to face the opposition at the first layer, the challenge is if the team contains a large number of players who arrived at the 16th position in 2014 and could be at least the best in Russia.

Group E

FIFA World Cup 2018 Team
FIFA World Cup 2018 Team

1) Brazil

The shock suffered by those who played 7-1 against Germany four years ago was denied by a series of actions and results closer to the world champion five times, and Brazil knows the winners of this famous evening in Belo Horizon since the defeat. Before the final in a friendly match at the end of March in Berlin. But despite Brazil’s desire to win the team that won the final in 2002, there will be big battles in the future, with Danny Alves and Marcelo among those likely to play in the World Cup final.

2) Switzerland

The impressive victory over Northern Ireland in qualifying was a great sign for the Swiss, which was the perfect start to qualify with the defeat of Portugal last month. The manager, Vladimir Petkovic, has a lot of talented players in the relatively young team, but he has to find the best combination. The fourth consecutive World Cup after years of poor performance in the 1970s and 1980s is proof that Switzerland can become the dominant trend at this level, but after qualifying for the final you will find things more difficult this time.

3) Costa Rica

The positive results in Europe have always been the Achilles’ heel for Costa Rica and a 1-0 defeat against Hungary. But while the race for the quarterfinals could be out of reach this time, Oscar Martinez, the group’s seasoned manager, won the CONCACAF title and could be threatened in his country. third place. Midfielder Gerson Torres leads the new generation who struggled to progress in a big team, while the real goalkeeper Kellor Navas provides a wide safety net.

4) Serbia

Slavolop was looted at the end of October, in a strange way, thanking the veteran manager for qualifying at the expense of Wales and the Republic of Ireland. The gauze lost one of ten matches despite a draw against South Korea after a comfortable victory against China last week, but it is unclear whether former goalkeeper and deputy Mladen Karadzic will be responsible for Serbia. The talented team, written by veteran coach Branislav Ivanovic and Nemanja Matic, led Manchester United with the ability to make a real impression if they managed to avoid the divisions that affected the 2010 World Cup.

Group F

1) Germany

Joachim tries to become the first coach to win the Italian Vittorio Pozzo’s World Cup in 1934 and 1938, and his main plan is almost over. It should be noted that some of the best prospects for young Germans at the latest summer Confederation Cup experience, bearing fruit, with the advent of Timo Werner as an option for the first-class command line, which has scored seven times in 10 international matches. It was preserved draw against France on Tuesday, thanks to the last-minute withdrawal of Lars Stendael in an unprecedented manner due to the 2016 European Championship against the same competitors and the team if the team went on to win next summer.

2) Mexico

Juan Carlos Osorio saw his team draw 3-3 against Belgium last week before scoring a rare home defeat against Poland and confidence must be high in the El Tri camp after scoring at the top of the qualifying group. The tendency to complicate things in recent years and only in the last minute of Portugal saved a place in the Confederations Cup last summer. With a good draw, they will have a lot of chances to reach the quarterfinals for the first time in the World Cup abroad.

3) Sweden

Italy’s famous victory culminates in a heroic qualifying campaign, which also saw the end of the Jane Anderson squad on the Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals since 2006, when he was defeated by Germany over the past 16 years, attracts a group to show his spirit in abundance, if you were not the ability of the previous generations Anderson did not feel comfortable with the suggestions that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will come out of retirement after a goalless draw by AC Milan, who confirmed his place in Russia, and admitted that his players “have found another reason” since the departure of Manchester United striker after his departure. Urukuba 2016

4) South Korea

After the race is the winner, which lasted until March beat Colombia in Suwon last week, followed by Korea’s 1-1 draw with Serbia on Tuesday, thanks to the death of the famous middle player Ja-Cheol Koo of Augsburg. However, regardless of his son’s song Tottenham Hyung-Min, who scored two goals against Colombia, he does not have any obvious talent struggling to adjust to Tae Yong Shin’s director and his methods since his appointment in July. Repeating the 2002 tournaments seems unlikely.

Group G

1) Belgium

Roberto Martinez won one of the most talented teams in Europe and, after his direct qualification, he became the former manager of Everton Wigan. Romillo Lucaco’s short win was won by 31 after defeating Mexico 3-3, which is similar to some of his matches at Du Stadium, while defending a low priority. There is no doubt that Belgium enjoys a high quality in all cases until the end. The question is whether Martinez is the man who combines the complex puzzle.

2) Panama

The draw against Wales in Cardiff on Tuesday shows that matches for the first time in the World Cup will not be easy, although they face a strong demand to extend their stay in Russia after three matches. Hernan Gomez has a lot of experience at this level after moving to Colombia in 1998 and driving Ecuador to the World Cup for the first time in four years. You will have to explain it a lot more if the team that has a team with a group of experienced European players can have some influence.

3) Tunisia

The qualification for the World Cup was postponed after losing 0-0 in the last match against Libya on Saturday, which means that Nabil Maaloul has won to some extent in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The former midfielder is the second Tunisian coach to lead the country in the final and will take his post in April and will remain undefeated in his five matches. But it will be difficult to reverse a sad record in tournaments that saw Tunisia win once in 12 World Cup attempts despite the young team that still has the best years to come.

4) England

Keeping two of the world’s top teams in friendly matches with an inexperienced team is one thing, but the concern about England’s immediate prospects should be Gareth Southgate’s lack of creativity in the midfield. Adam Lalana’s return from the injury can not come soon as Southgate expects Jack Welcher to get the long-term support of Arsenal’s first team. The injection of youngsters should provide some competition, although you feel that the fragility shown by England in recent major tournaments is still in the background.

Group H

1) Poland

Last month, Adam Nawalka’s confidence was very eloquent in this week’s disappointing girlfriends, and Poland finished their first home defeat since last summer. They must be able to win the day. 4-0 against Brazil in the last goal of 1986, confidence in Bayern Robert Levandowski lost 0-0 to Uruguay and Mexico beat 1-0.

2) Senegal

The start of the Elicio Cisse of South Africa in Polokwane on Saturday should be a terrible warning that the Senegalese team has problems. It has been almost 14 years since Tiranga Lions became the quarterfinal of the African Cup of Nations, beating the headlines in Turkey. That they have the ability to emulate the 2002 class, it will be interesting to watch, but it will avoid the performance of Liverpool’s Sido Min and Calido Culiacali in next month’s draw.

3) Colombia

With no win since Cameroon’s defeat in a friendly in June, Colombia at least beat China by beating China 4-0 on Tuesday, but fell after qualifying. The friendly defeat of South Korea took place last week in the last months of this year. However, the group is likely to start, unless Pekerman finds a solution to the team’s massive loss of goals over the past two years, the return of Radamil Falcao.

4) Japan

They beat Brazil in their friendly last week. Having had the opportunity to control his homeland in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015, director Vahid Halilodzic has made great progress in the world. His team has many experienced players in European football.