ICC Ranking Announced: India in first, Second and Third place in TEST, ODI, and T-20 Respectively

The ICC has announced the ranking of the teams for the International Cricket Test ODI and T-20 International. Despite losing the series against South Africa 0-2 and the last two Test matches, there is no change in the Test rankings. India has remained in first, second and third place in Test, ODI, and T-20 team rankings respectively. In all three formats of cricket, India, South Africa, New Zealand and England are dominated by the top four. Let’s know which team is in the Top 4, from Tests and ODIs to International T20.

ICC Test Rankings (Top-4)icc test team ranking 2018

In the ICC rankings for Test rankings, India remained in first place despite a disappointing performance in the last two Tests with 124 points. After India, South Africa is second with 111 points, so that India will have to play the final of the Test series from January 24. The third is Australia with 104 points while New Zealand is at number four with 100 rating points.

ICC ODI Rankings (Top-4)icc odi team ranking 2018

India has to play a series of 6 ODI matches with South Africa after the Test series. South Africa now number one in the ODI rankings with 120 points, while the second with 119 points behind just 1 point. New Zealand’s team won the series against Pakistan, third with 117 points, while England, who won their opening two ODIs against Australia, finished fourth, and has 116 rating points.

ICC T20 Rankings (Top-4)icc test team ranking 2018

If you talk about the ICC Test and ODI rankings, then the New Zealand team is dominated by the T20 ranking. New Zealand’s team is in first place with 126 rating points, followed by Pakistan by 124 points after New Zealand, while the Prolific Indian is third in the T-20 ranking with 121 points. In the T-20 team ranking here, the England team is at number four with 119 points.

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All these teams have to play different series in the coming days, where all the teams will definitely get to see the changes in the rankings.