FIFA President attended the globe Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday.

He took the chance to strengthen ties between FIFA and different international organizations. “This summit in Davos could be a fantastic platform for sharing our experiences and discussing the changes that we are able to create to the globe we have a tendency to board. This progress – whether or not technological, digital, industrial or philosophical – has an effect on soccer and soccer, too, has its own role to play,” same the FIFA President.gianni-infantino-fifa-president


Speaking with heads of state from 3 completely different continents, together with the President of Ruanda and 2018 presiding officer of the African Union Paul Kagame, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Argentinian President Mauricio Macri, President Infantino promoted the role of soccer in society. throughout his discussions with the 3 leaders, he targeted on the social and economic aspects of the game, and therefore the price it will wake up education and health.fifa-president--in-davos

The positive discussions purpose towards future cooperation. “I was greatly inspired by today’s conferences with President Kagame, President Macri, and Prime Minister Trudeau, that FIFA is well on the proper path within the reforms we’ve initiated, which this is often proof that trust in our organization has been rehabilitated,” same Infantino. “They all acknowledged the social and economic importance of soccer for development in their countries and regions, further because the role that FIFA already plays in these aspects of society. within the coming back months, we’ll explore the most effective ways in which to collaborate in concrete terms with each the African Union and therefore the G20 within the aim of exploitation soccer as a vector for development, education, and healthy living. The values of soccer have an excellent role to play in fashionable society.”




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